Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 7 perform songs from the movies

The Top 7 took on songs from the movies tonight, with director Quentin Tarantino as their mentor (which had us sort of scratching our heads, seeing as how he doesn't sing).

The ever-rockin' Allison kicked off the show and was praised for Aerosmith's "I don't wanna miss a thing." Paula said she's a lot like Matt, keeping it real every week. Simon said she's the only girl that can really win the competition. Seeing as how she's one of only two girls, and the other is Little Miss Tina Turner, I'd say that's a pretty good prediction to make. According to DialIdol (and her frequently sitting center stage), Allison fluctuates from super safe to bottom three week after week. Allison fans, you need to spend a few extra minutes voting tonight.

Anoop took on the well overdone "(Everything I do) I do it for you" by Bryan Adams from the Robin Hood soundtrack. And just like Randy, when we heard he was singing this we sort of clenched our teeth. But, while we really haven't been Anoop's biggest fan these days, we have to give him credit for this one. Probably his best performance.

Our Idol extrovert Adam Lambert is "Born to be wild." Adam doesn't actually have to sing anymore to impress us. He could just stand on stage and smile and we'd give him the award for best act of the night. He hit notes that might have cracked our TV. Once the star-struck teenagers stopped screaming, the judges gave him big props. Paula said he's one of the bravest contestants ever. Simon said he's becoming incredible, but did say it was a bit like something from Rocky Horror Picture Show. But as far as songs go, this really wasn't his best. Either way, we'd vote for Adam if he sang "Mary had a little lamb," and bet it'd be the best &%$# song we've ever heard. We're just sayin'.

Matt Giraud took on Brian Adams as well, with "Have you ever really loved a woman?" from Don Juan DeMarco. The truth is, he didn't do a really fantastic job. Judges agreed, with Randy saying he failed in more places than he won and Kara saying something we completely missed because we were watching Simon make really strange faces in the background. But we don't want to openly admit the truth, because it might jinx him. And we love him. So we are pretending he raised the roof.

Robert Downey, Jr. Danny Gokey came out sans glasses for Lionel Riche's "Endless love." There were harps. It was...hmmm...well...we snored. Honestly it was something we'd have expected in the waiting room at the dentist's office. Paula loved him. Paula always loves him. We don't trust Paula's judgement where Go Go Gokey is concerned. Simon was disappointed with the traditional take on the song. We're starting to like Simon more and more. Simon did the forbidden and brought up Danny's wife, and so the votes will flood in. I can almost hear the crying women dialing now...

Kris Allen earned extra points immediately for choosing the awesome but not-so-well known song, "Falling slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (one of our favorites...lets add a few more points). Randy said he wasn't sure about the performance. We don't like Randy right now. We agree completely with Kara in that it was one of his best performances. Kris has been bringing some serious competition the past few weeks. We recently made the statement to another Enterprise Idol fan that Kris was "vanilla" - always a great flavor, but just not as good as chocolate. We have officially upgraded him to "The Great Divide" - a fine mix of chocolate and vanilla that makes us stand up and cheer.

Much to our surprise, Lil Rounds didn't pick the Titanic song. Instead she went with the equally hated "The Rose" by Bette Midler. This song painfully reminds us of 7th grade choir. But once she hit her second verse, we had to stop and say, "Whoa." Paula said something we totally didn't understand. Simon said she got it wrong again. While we don't agree completely agree with Simon, we just can't put Lil high on our list anymore. We didn't care much for her back talking, either. Brooke White, anyone?

Here's how we're ranking tonight's performances:

1. Kris
2. Allison
3. Anoop
4. Adam
5. Matt
6. Lil
7. Danny

And for the big one...
Who do we predict will go home tomorrow?
(drumroll, please)

Or maybe we just hope.

Ready... set... vote!!!

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