Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo recap: The historic save

"We're going to sing this group song now, which has gotten way awkward since we got busted lip-synching."

"Who's gonna go? Who's gonna go? We don't know!
(But we know who won't...)

"Welcome Jennifer Hudson - proof that winning Idol isn't everything. Jennifer was voted out in 6th place and still makes way more money than all of us!"

"Here's your bottom three. Some of them are getting used to this."

"You're safe, Noop Dog.
Go, Dog, Go."

"And here we have teen queen Miley Cyrus: Proof that Allison really is the only teenager who can actually sing."

"Oh no, say it a'int so! Lil is STAYING?"

"Welcome back, Lil. Please don't mess it up again next week."

Matt gets to sing the very song that got him voted off the show
in hopes that the judges somehow missed it the night before...

"Save him! Save him! None of us are ever going to need it!"

"What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?"

"No, really, what are you gonna do?"

"Oh my God, they saved him! History has been made! But next week is Disco Week and everyone except Adam is going home!"


  1. Adam is a little different, but as for talent, he should win. I would love to see us with a Susan Boyle!!

  2. hey michael. ive followed you since hollywood week and i think you have a beautiful god given talent. I appreciate everything you have done for jasper. I was there to support you at the courthouse and your speach touched me. I am one of those workers who gotta be at work at 4am. I just wana thank you for remembering who you are and where you come from. Best of wishes to you and your family. We love you! Glenda Aguillard, Jasper, TX

  3. I'm ready for Lil to go home - she is getting very tedious now. With two eliminations this week - I would be very surprised if she makes it through.

  4. Apparently Simon used the save because he felt that Anoop was going to be eliminated this week and he wasn't going to use the save on Anoop. Thus he wasn't to use the save while he still could because it couldn't be used after this week. If this is the case, think it could backfire. What if Chris or Alison go this week? Then the exact reason it was intended would have been wasted...