Thursday, April 9, 2009

8 becomes 7

Your bottom three.

Will it be Anoop? Will it be Scott?...

...It's Scott.

America said goodbye to Idol-hopeful Scott MacIntyre last night, bringing our Top 8 to a Top 7. While we've secretly hoped for Scott's elimination for some time, the actual event was a bit tearful and sad. A great musician and inspiration to all, Scott just didn't belong on Idol's pop star platform. But we expect to see him more in the future.

Some contestants stepped up their game Tuesday night, and some just seemed to quit playing.

Here's how we rate Tuesday's songs from the year they were born...

Great Performance of the Night: Adam Lambert, who made it snow in hell when he brought Simon to his feet for his first standing ovation in 8 years.

Great-But-Not-Quite-Adam Performance of the night: Allison Iraheta, who at just 16 years old, makes us feel a bit like failures every time she opens her mouth. Randy said she sang her face off. We agree. We also feel a little old when she sings "I can't make you love me" as a song from the year she was born.

Most Under-Appreciated Performance: Kris Allen's "All she wants to do is dance." The judges said he was overshadowed by the horns and strange arrangement. We disagree. We think the arrangement was a nice change to the otherwise karaoke song.

Most Over-Appreciated Performance: Danny Gokey's "Stand by me." Okay, so he can sing, but the man has his limits. The judges praised his performance like it was the best thing he's ever done. We expect to hear that version as a free gift when you buy 3 or more CDs from Hallmark.

Most Oh-My-God-That-Did-Not-Just-Happen Performance: Lil Rounds with "What's love got to do with it." Even if we weren't sorta over Lil, we'd have stood their with our mouths on the ground. There's almost no way to make that song original, but that doesn't mean be Tina. From her walk to her eye movements, Lil Rounds became Ms. Turner's shadow. It was like watching Angela Bassett in the closing credits of the movie. Not good, Lil. Not good.

Most Please-Let-Him-Be-Next Performance: Anoop. He can sing. So could the guy that wore the sparkly headbands. Doesn't mean he needs to be there.

Most Can't-Wait-For-Him-To-Make-A-CD Performance: Matt Giraud. It doesn't matter what he sings, we love him. And we totally think he would win... if Adam wasn't there... and Danny dropped out... hmpf.

Most-Like-The-Year-They-Were-Born Performance: Scott's version of "The Search is Over" was a flashback to the 80s. We think he could rock a REO Speedwagon or Air Supply cover band.

Rumor is next week will be "Songs from the Cinema" night.
Anyone wanna vote Lil for "My heart will go on"?

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