Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt Giraud saved by Idol judges

It was Disney Channel night on Idol tonight with appearances by Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron.

We kid of course. Oscar-award winning Jennifer Hudson brought up the caliber of talent with a hit off her 2008 album.

Surprisingly, some of the Idol contestants sounded better to us than the two stars with recording contracts. Unfortunately, America could not vote Miley Cyrus off. Her rendition of "Climb" was so pitchy it made us want to 'climb' behind our couch until her segment ended.

No, tonight America tried to send Matt Giraud home. Callers apparently did not "really, really looovvvve" Matt.

The poor woman's Justin Timberlake, however,seems to have swayed the judges.
Simon told Matt: "I really don't think you have a chance to win this ... but, it's good news."

Following the big announcement, Simon cautioned all Idol contestants not to "celebrate too much". Next week is "Disco week" and two Idol wannabes are going home.

Our prediction, it won't be Adam Lambert!

We're predicting a Gloria Gayner "I Will Survive" surprise from Adam. Can't wait.
Until then, Enterprise out!


  1. I really thought that the judges would use their save in case Adam got voted off but that is not the case. It looks like Adam is on his own and I hope he gets sent packing. I really don't like screaming in the guise of music.

  2. Yeah I don't like Adam either sorry.. Danny now I love him he's amazing..

  3. Danny, Anoop, Lil and Kris have run their course if you ask me. They should double up on the double elimination and send all four of them home next week!

  4. I have dish......missed the show....No Idol.

  5. Oh Please,Adam is the best singer on the show.

  6. I do not like the save...what is the use of America voting if someone can get saved. This is a contest & he was voted off, he should be off.

  7. 100% right. What was the point of using the save - so he could be booted off next week? Clearly the judges were suckered into it all by the audience. The save wasn't meant to be potentially used every week - rather to save someone who clearly wasn't meant to be booted off. If they had to think about it - it shouldn't have been used. The save was milked for all it was worth and has become a waste.

  8. I wish the judges would have used the save to bring Michael back on the show. I miss watching him perform each week. Can't wait to get tickets to see you in Pittsburgh Michael!!