Friday, April 17, 2009

Two-judge format for ever?

The Associated Press released this story this week:

Kara Dioguardi says the two-judge format could be a one-time thing on “American Idol.” Tuesday’s show switched things up by allowing only a pair of judges to review a singer because of time constraints. But Dioguardi, the fourth addition to the judges’ panel, expects the series will return to normal next week, giving everyone a chance to chime in. Dioguardi, who was paired with Randy Jackson, says she learned of the format change shortly before the telecast. She says it was a “safety” measure because last week’s performance show ran over schedule. Simon Cowell blamed her and Paula Abdul for talking too much. Dioguardi jokingly responds that Cowell will never blame himself for “Idol” snafus.

1 comment:

  1. next week theres no mentor so i dont think it will be a problem then with having all 4 speak. i think next year they need to take those mentors out, they are what makes idol run late, not the judges. and that pointless montage they always have on the mmentors!