Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who will make the final two???

Danny and Adam?
Adam and Kris?
Danny and Kris?

Who's it gonna be????

We think last night's show deserves a little water-cooler talk. And it's not Adam and Danny we want to talk about, it's Kris! All we can say is: O-M-G. What a fantastic performance of Kanye's "Heartless"!

DialIdol predictions are sketchy today, since the final three are apparently running a pretty tight race. Probably the closest Idol has ever seen at this point (that's an Idol Chatter prediction, of course).

But we want to know what you think.

Who will be heading home tonight?


  1. I believe the final two will be Kris and Adam. Adam has been my fave from the first time I saw him sing but Kris has really done well in recent weeks.

  2. It has to be Kris and Adam. Adam has been unbelievable since day one. Kris has showed his versatility and awesome talent. He has improved every single week. Kris is amazing. It will be one very close and exciting contest next week. Both Adam and Kris deserve to be the next American Idol. I would be happy no matter which one of them won. Fantastic season this year!!!

  3. I think Adam is a given which narrows it down to Danny and Kris. I would like it to be Kris but Danny hasn't been in the bottom 3 all year which must count for something. Either way, I think this has easily been the best Idol in some way. Think the revamped semi-finals is responsible for that.

  4. Danny and Michael!!!!!!!!! Top Two!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!

  5. I hope Kris wins it all.

  6. Hopefully its between Danny and Kris. Kris needs to win so Danny can be free to do his own album. Go Danny!! Adam should not even be allowed to be in the contest. He in no way portrays what America stands for. He needs prayer and deliverance. If Adam wins this country is truly in bad shape and has lost all morals and values.

  7. wow, that's placing a lot of pressure on a talent show, isn't it

  8. Does Kris have any chance in the final? I'm very interested to know what songs they will be singing in the final. I think Adam was the favorite the second he opened up his mouth. The judges sure love him!