Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes, we're a little shocked, but Kris definitely deserves it! CONGRATS!

Well guys it's been a fun season. We can't wait to see Michael in the Idol Tour in Dallas. SEE YOU THERE!!!

Till next season

-Enterprise out


  1. What happens if I won the idol pool??


  2. congrats 2 kris. By the way michael was great with steve martin. Love the guys only song and dancing. Micheal looks so sexy on that song. And yes I think you sexy

  3. To Keli - Congrats on winning the Idol pool!! I came in 2nd. I enjoyed the pool...good competition. We had a good close race going for awhile. Thanks for the fun!!! Hope to do this again next season. Again...Congratulations!!

  4. Kraziekeli - Email your mailing address to and we'll get your prize to you!! CONGRATS and thanks for playing.

  5. To Michael..Wanted to let you know that you did a helluva job singing pretty flowers the other night on idol. I think you have a great voice for blugrass/country and should keep it up.You looked happy singing that song and it was great to see you smiling again.I think you made steve martin proud. great job!

  6. Go onto YouTube and watch Kris' first audition. Simon was right about the confidence. He was a completely different guy by the time the final came around. And then watch Adam's audition. Funny now to see what they said about him. Looks like Simon was right all along...